Are you curious enough… ambitious enough?

QUT’s Centre for Future Enterprise and MIT hosted the first of a 3 part series on the future enterprise. Michael Rosemann, Director of CFE, called all leaders to be more ambitious – not in a self serving, ego agrandising manner, but rather in the pursuit of creating more value for all. Here’s a quote from Michael’s opening remarks:

“Future enterprises will be exposed to an opportunity-rich environment, but there is a danger that enterprising in the future will not be ambitious enough, that we are not curious enough and that we are not decisive enough. And if this is the case, we under-capitalise on the power of enterprises and the value they can create, not just as commercial goods, as public services, but also as a greater good for all of us and next generations.”

Some questions for you and your management team:
1. What value are you creating in the world?
2. What is your ambition? Are you ambitious enough?
3. How might you embrace new technologies, networks or processes to exponentially deliver more value?