No B.S. Boards Build A Credible Business With Credible Advisors

If you’re here…

You’re here for one of these reasons

A Board?

I am considering
starting a board
for my business.


I have some serious
problems in my
business and need
help getting back on track.


I have a board, but I’m
not getting the
results I want
and expect.


I’m ready to start
planning handing over
my business to the
next generation.


I’m thinking about
selling my business
and need to
prepare it for a sale.

Boards are as good as their associates

Our Advisory Boards

… The What, Why & How

We’re here to solve those nagging business issues.

What’s worrying you? What’s keeping you up at night?

Expert Advice

… When you need it!

Expertise for a range of areas

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The Process

In order to achieve the best terms and conditions, we believe in a process which involves full transparency to provide a thorough understanding of the client and each unique transaction. This enables us to prepare a comprehensive information pack to ensure we receive the best outcome when negotiating on the company’s behalf.

This is the Nexus way for the majority of our transactions:


Collaborative process with all stakeholders to determine client objectives and explore where Nexus Capital Partners can add value.

Information Memorandum

Preparation of a document that clearly articulates the strategy and the funding requirement along with relevant supporting information.


Leverage our network of debt and capital providers through issuing a discrete bespoke information pack to deliver outcome of the Scope.

Lender Engagement

Engagement and negotiations with appropriate financiers to progress to formal approval.

Dashboard Summary

Preparation of summary of finance options for review in conjunction with our recommendations.

Negotiate and Close

Leverage +25 years bank experience to close the best terms and conditions with chosen financier.


Board Associates can provide you with a team to take your business to the next level