Our Advisory Model

Our focus on “Process, People, Profit” produce short and long term benefits to your business.

Our Advisory Board model

Key Features


Guided by an initial planning workshop which sets the direction for the business and defines how the Advisory Board will create value for the owners

Advisory Board meets regularly (typically every 8 weeks but can be more often subject to requirements)

Advisory Board is supported by an online portal to track minutes and actions

A host of other business management and governance templates are available free of charge from Board Associates


Staffed by independent members who chair the Advisory Board and contribute relevant expertise.

Members are nominated by Board Associates from our expert talent pool and approved by the business owner

Advisory Board members provide additional support between meetings to drive implementation and help the CEO scale

Members can be rotated through the Advisory Board as the business grows and different requirements emerge


Through the strategic planning process, the end goal and value to the owner is defined.

A fixed monthly fee is agreed which is both affordable for the business and demonstrates a clear return on investment for the owners.

Progress against goals is independently reviewed twice a year to ensure the business is on track and the Advisory Board is achieving its goals.


Accelerated access to a Board

Many owners would like to work with a Board but feel they are not big enough.  This service has been right-sized to accelerate an owner’s access to the benefits of a Board.

Your expert panel

Better than a single trusted adviser, the Advisory Board provides an independent and experienced panel with whom you can discuss, debate and guide the growth of your business.

Skin in the game

More than ‘well-meaning opinions’, Advisory Board members are invested in the success of the business. As the group transitions from an Advisory Board to a formal Board, Directors carry specific responsibilities and liabilities under law.

More than advice

It’s not enough to come up with good ideas. Board members roll up their sleeves to do some of the work, create connections, grow the business and help the CEO scale. In some cases, Advisory Board members can provide services which would have previously been outsourced to external advisors, saving the owner money.

Right-Sized for the Business

It’s important not to put so much process in place that you suffocate the business or distract the CEO from their day job. Our Advisory Board process is right-sized for the company, focusing on the key issues and opportunities that drive value creation.