Image of arrows showing two paths showing pivoting business after q1 review can have a major impact on full year

How to Pivot After Q1: Assessing and Adjusting Your Business Trajectory

With the end of Q1 upon us, businesses should pause and reflect, asking: “Are we on the right path for the year?”

Here’s why this assessment is critical and some best practices for doing so: 

  1. Gauge Your Trajectory First and foremost, measure your current trajectory against your annual goals, budget, and shareholder expectations. Are you on track? Behind? Ahead? This initial assessment sets the stage for all subsequent decisions.
  2. Celebrate or Calibrate If you’re ahead or on target, that’s fantastic! But don’t rest on your laurels. Always look for areas to optimize. On the other hand, if you’re off track, it’s crucial to recalibrate. A shaky Q1 can significantly impact the rest of the year.
  3. Diagnose the Divergence Before making changes, understand why Q1 might be underperforming:
    • Is it a continuation of trends from the previous year’s last quarter? 
    • Are there new challenges that have arisen this quarter? 
    • Has there been a change in market demand or your cost structure that wasn’t accounted for? 
  1. Speed is Key Time is of the essence. The longer you take to adjust, the harder it becomes to recover from a difficult Q1. It’s not just about damage control; it’s about capitalizing on newfound insights.
  2. Seek External Insights While internal data is indispensable, looking outward can offer valuable perspectives. What are industry peers experiencing? Are there macroeconomic trends affecting your sector?
  3. Re-Evaluate Strategies, Not Just Tactics While tactical changes can help, sometimes the issue lies in the broader strategy. Ensure your business model and offerings still align with the market’s needs.
  4. Engage Your Team Remember, you’re not in this alone. Engage with your team, seek their insights, and involve them in the solution. Collective intelligence often yields the best results.
  5. Continuous Monitoring Finally, don’t wait for the end of Q2 to reassess. With the pace of today’s business, continuous monitoring allows for agile adjustments.

 In conclusion, the end of Q1 isn’t just a time for reflection; it’s a call to action. It’s a quarter of the way through the year, and the steps you take now can greatly influence the outcome of the remaining quarters. 

How An Advisory Board may help; 

Moreover, this is where an advisory board can be a game-changer. Advisory boards bring in a wealth of external knowledge, diverse perspectives, and expertise that can shed light on blind spots and opportunities you might miss.  They can: 

Provide Objective Assessment: Being somewhat removed from day-to-day operations, an advisory board can give unbiased feedback on performance, ensuring that your assessments are rooted in reality and not clouded by internal biases. 

Leverage Industry Insights: Members often come with vast industry experience and can provide insights on broader trends and best practices that your business can adopt or be wary of. 

Expand Networks: The connections that advisory board members bring can open doors to partnerships, collaborations, or even new markets. 

Offer Strategic Guidance: In situations where you need to pivot or reassess strategies, a seasoned advisory board can guide decision-making, ensuring that changes align with long-term goals and industry realities. 

(Wondering “what is an advisory board” or “when are they the right next step?”
Learn more about why and how business leaders benefit from Advisory Boards here.) 

About Board Associates;

We help business leaders embrace change, be agile, and remember – it’s all about forward momentum. And with the right advisory board by your side, you can navigate the complexities of the business landscape with increased confidence and foresight. 

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