Festina lente. Make haste, slowly.

 Wise words from Ryan Halliday, speaker on Stoic Philosophy author of “Ego is the Enemy” and “The Obstacle is the Way”, two books on our recommended reading list. In his podcast (www.dailystoic.com) he shares an important lesson from leaders across history: there is such a thing as moving too quickly. The following from his blog sums it up nicely:

“It’s easy to rush in. It feels good to start doing. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how to do it? Well, it’s not going to go well. If you’re going quickly for the sake of speed, you’re going to make costly mistakes. You’re going to miss opportunities. You’re going to miss critical warnings.

In the military they have another way of expressing this idea: Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. In Stoicism, we know that there is no prize for doing things first, and that the only thing that matters is doing them well. So slow down today. Go smoothly, go with less speed… and you’ll actually go faster… and better.”