Strategic Planning

As business owners, we understand the challenges that come alongside owning a business. That’s why at Board Associates, we are here to help drive growth through expert advisory boards.

Board Associates video series:
Episode 1

On this weeks first episode, Expert Board Associates Advisor, Martin Bishop interviewed Matthew Dunstan; Founder and CEO of Board Associates, to give guidance and growth opportunities on the topic of strategic planning.

Strategic Planning Series:
Episode 1

Clients often ask us for simplified versions on how to build a great strategic plan for their business. We’ve developed 4 simple questions to guide a great strategic plan!

Strategic Planning Series:
Episode 2

There is no better way to describe strategic planning quite like Board Associates founder, Matthew Dunstan does.

Strategic Planning Series:
Episode 3

For any business, strategic planning is fundamental. They are a key to the future and help create direction for your business, as opposed to reacting to the market place daily. Learn how to ensure your business doesn’t fall into the trap of failed strategic plans.


To help with your implementation phase of your strategic plan or some strategic inspiration, check out our favourite books.

Strategic Planning Series:
Episode 5

Strategic plans can often be seen as too hard, easy to forget and hard to manage. Businesses dread to-do lists, and often a strategic plan is seen as one.