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Strategic Planning Series: Episode 3

For any business, strategic planning is fundamental. They are a key to the future and help create direction for your business, as opposed to reacting to the market place daily. Learn how to ensure your business doesn’t fall into the trap of failed strategic plans.

Board Associates video series: Episode 1

On this weeks first episode, Expert Board Associates Advisor, Martin Bishop interviewed Matthew Dunstan; Founder and CEO of Board Associates, to give guidance and growth opportunities on the topic of strategic planning.  

Family Business Research: How do Boards create value in family firms?

TAKE THE SURVEY QUT Masters of Philosophy Student, Matthew Dunstan is conducting a study into when and how boards enhance (or erode) financial performance in family business and we need your help! We are surveying owners and senior executives of non-listed, family firms to help us investigate this important question. Please take a few minutes […]

Are you curious enough… ambitious enough?

QUT’s Centre for Future Enterprise and MIT hosted the first of a 3 part series on the future enterprise. Michael Rosemann, Director of CFE, called all leaders to be more ambitious – not in a self serving, ego agrandising manner, but rather in the pursuit of creating more value for all. Here’s a quote from […]

Your Go To Marketing Budget & Planning Guide

HOW TO ALIGN YOUR MARKETING BUDGET FOR MAXIMUM IMPACT.  Over the last few weeks we’ve seen many of our clients turn their attention to implementing fresh marketing strategies in their business plan. This is often a ‘black art’ for many so we thought it would be timely to share our ‘cheat sheet’ questions for guiding […]

Budget Setting Is Like Renovating A House

Many of us lack any vision when it comes to renovating a house. The people on TV make it look easy but when we try, the result is just a slightly different version of the same house we’re already living in. The same principle can be applied to budget setting. Establishing a budget for next […]