A Strategist and Marketing Executive on the Team...


Vision > Innovation > Business Strategy > Go-to-Market Planning > marketing excellence > perspective & Accountability

These are the skills you need to grow and drive a business forward but not every business has them at the table.  Matthew works with entrepreneurs and business leaders, providing advice, insight and accountability, driving growth and operational excellence in the business.

v-Marketing Director

3 month program - $5,500 inc GST

Strategic marketing advice to drive revenue & growth.

Matthew is a 25 year marketing veteran.  He has worked as an international marketing leader at Microsoft and been an award winning lecturer for leading Australian MBA programs.  Matthew brings this experience to bear in helping organisations develop and implement a marketing strategy which drives results: pipeline, revenue and return on investment.

By working with Matthew, you will:

  1. Create a more compelling value proposition and competitive positioning for your business.
  2. Design a connected marketing model which drives engagement and pipeline.
  3. Establish an implementation roadmap and marketing scorecard to drive ROI.

This program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who need to build a demand generation system to grow their business.
  • Marketing Managers looking to take their skills to the next level and have strategic input to their organisation.
  • SMEs with an established business model but who lack a marketing capability in the management team.

What others say:

"I love the clarity and direction Matt gives me with my business issues. He has a gift for innovation and ideas.” 

Paul Jones: Magneto Communications

v-GM & Chairman

6 month program - $8250 inc GST

Add a strategist with global experience to the team.

Matthew is an award winning, global business leader with a proven record of growth, innovation and organisational transformation.  As a senior manager at Microsoft he led major growth initiatives and broad organisational change . Drawing on this pedigree of growth, transformation and success, Matthew works with business leaders to guide the growth and development of the organisation.

By working with Matthew, you will:

  1. lift the organisation's capabilities and practices to an international level.
  2. introduce world-wide best practices to the management team.
  3. craft and implement a program of transformation and growth.

This program is for:

  • Aspiring business leaders and management teams ready for the next level of performance and growth.
  • Founding entrepreneurs who need to add a strategic management capability to the team.
  • High performing management teams who need the guidance, accountability and advice of a Chairman.

What others say:

"Matthew couples incisive intellect with heartfelt character and connection to people. He orchestrated a dramatic turnaround in performance and his skills in leading teams not only led to top results like these, but also to being one of the most highly rated managers in the UK.
Matthew is a humble star, a true class act."
  Bruce Lynn, Director. Microsoft.