The crowd was mesmerized.....we could listen for hours as Matt is like a Rising Tide of knowledge when it comes to all things business.
— Crystal Schekoske. Founder of Women's Business

Matthew's Keynote Topics

1. Life lessons from the sea

Key Messages: You can dream of distant shores but to reach them you need a plan and the ability to trim your sails day by day to the conditions before you.

In this presentation, Matthew will share the lessons taught to him by a life lived in harmony with the sea and how these can be applied in our lives and our work. 

Often hard won, these lessons when followed faithfully, make the course clearer, the passage easier and allow you to strike the right balance of pursuing your goals and making the most of the experiences along the way. 

They show us how to live with a clearer purpose, move through life in sync with the natural rhythms around us and appreciate the gifts in front of us whilst working toward our dreams.

Lessons from the Sea is a “cruisers” philosophy for living in a tune with the world around you and trimming the sails to the conditions you find, whilst holding true to your ultimate goal and destination.

In short, it’s a philosophy for a happier, easier and more fulfilling life..


3.  The Coworking Revolution

Key Messages: Working for yourself doesn't mean you have to work by yourself.  We achieve more with others than we can on our own.

The irony of self-employment is that in taking the courageous step towards independence, we turn our backs on the four critical ingredients that every organisation has...except our own.  It's these ingredients that make work enjoyable, rewarding and most importantly, sustainable.

Based on Matthew's recent book "The Coworking Revolution", this keynote gives the audience a set of simple strategies to help them drive creativity, motivation and productivity; build a network of support, collaboration and teamwork and tap into expertise and guidance to help them drive their business forward.

This keynote is ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners who feel the pressure of self-employment but don't know where to turn to make their journey smoother and more successful.


2. Strategies for Growth

Key Messages: Navigate a path to growth. Stand out and be compelling. Design a marketing system you can manage.

"With a sea of opportunity, why is it so hard to grow?"

We all share the same imperative - to grow the business.  Achieving this however is easier said than done.  Instead, many business leaders and entrepreneurs struggle to identify where they should focus their efforts and investments, moving from one initiative to another.

Strategies for Growth draws on Matthew's first class pedigree as an award winning lecturer and senior marketing leader of a global organisation.  This keynote identifies the common mistakes leaders make and gives the them a simple four step approach to driving growth.  Participants will learn how to identify which of the 9 growth strategies is right for their business, align their marketing to create a compelling proposition and how to structure a marketing program which is simple, focused and drives demand.

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