Clarity of direction, where you're going and why, are important first steps to growing a business.  Of course the next step is working out the plan to get there.

For many organisations though, business planning fails to deliver real insight or strategy.

Drawing on 20 years experience as a lecturer and senior leader at Microsoft, Matthew Dunstan takes you through an accelerated planning process to give you the clarity, direction and milestones to drive your business.

More than just a document, Matthew's unique approach to business planning, gives you an operational roadmap to guide your actions and give you a concrete set of tools to manage the business.

Strategies for growth workshop

We all share the same imperative - to grow the business.  Achieving this however is easier said than done.  Instead, many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to identify where they should focus their efforts to drive maximum ROI.

Our "Strategies for Growth" workshops take you through a structured market planning process which helps you:

  • Identify which of the 9 growth strategies is right for your stage of business

  • Align the marketing fundamentals to create a compelling proposition

  • Structure a marketing program which is simple, focused and drives demand