If Google is hiring 12 year olds, it must be right.

14 young entrepreneurs take the stage.

What do you get when you give 14 kids 4 industry leading mentors and put them in a room for 54 hours?  The next generation of inspiring young entrepreneurs, developing their craft at the age of 8!

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Australia’s First Start Up Weekend for Kids

This weekend Rising Tide Ventures has been privileged to support the first Kids Start Up Weekend in Australia, held at the Microsoft Innovation Centre in Brisbane from 12-14 September.

From Friday through to Sunday evening, teams of young children aged 8-14 have come together to pitch, develop and validate their million dollar ideas (as well spending a little time on the new Xbox One!).

From Idea to Investment Proposal in 2 Days

Supported by experienced mentors, the children will be developing their pitch, gathering valuable market feedback and designing logos, websites and promotional material to launch their big idea.

The weekend culminates in a Sunday night pitch fest where the teams will attempt to impress judges and prove that their idea has what it takes to make it big. 


Competing for a place in the “Slipstream” business accelerator program.

The grand prize the teams are competing for is free entry into Rising Tide Venture’s business incubation program which will be specially modified for the kids. 

This program will take the winning team through the Slipstream accelerated start up program, providing them with mentoring, collaboration tools & support to get their idea off the ground quickly.


A Junior Version of a Global Start up Movement

Led by Katey Shaw (@kateyshaw) and with the support of Matthew Dunstan (@_risingtide) Danielle Neale (@bespokesteam) and Microsoft's Luke Sweatman, Kids Start Up weekend is a take on the adults event of the same name which has become a worldwide movement in 300 countries around the world.

According to Katey, this is just the first of many Kids Start Up weekends to come. “I love supporting kids in their entrepreneur journey.  There are so many things we can do to develop this next generation of talent”.


Post Script:  The winning team, Scioogle are on their way to having their first product available for sale by Christmas 2014.  Check out the great photo of the kids on the front page of the business section:
Winning team Scioogle prepare to take on the world.

Winning team Scioogle prepare to take on the world.

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Growing 7 Aspiring Small Businesses

This week saw the kick-off of our new group mentoring and collaboration program, Slipstream. 

On Monday we welcomed 7 new and aspiring small business owners who for the next 6 months will be working together to make their products & services more compelling and their business more successful. 

The topic of our first day was Innovation where we work-shopped how to make each businesses offering more unique and more compelling.   There were plenty of ideas around the table and everyone has taken away a number of actions, tweaking the way they package, promote & deliver their products & services. 

For the next 3 weeks, the group will continue to work on this theme, checking in each Monday to report back on their progress so far.  Already we can see there are a lot of developments.  After just 3 days one participant has launched a new site and received his first client through that channel.  Another is in the process of embedding a unique differentiator into the way she delivers her services.

It’s hugely inspiring to see this group come together and collaborate, helping one another grow and develop each other’s’ business.  So much potential and we’re only half way through week 1 !

Next month, we’re going to focus on the next stage in the Slipstream methodology, Validation:  making sure you’re solving the real problem for the right customer.  We’ll be taking the group through the lean start up framework and testing their offer in their target market.


About Slipstream:

Slipstream is a 6 month group mentoring & collaboration program.  It’s designed for people who:

  • have aspirations to grow their business,
  • like the collaboration that comes from working with a group and
  • want the expertise and accountability that comes from working with a mentor

As a core principal, the program is based on a philosophy of success through teamwork and is delivered in a small group format of 6-8 participants, making the experience personal but affordable for small business.

To find out more or to receive a copy of the program outline, contact us here.