6 Part Podcast Series To Help You Plot a New Course in 2015

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Many people complain they don't have the time to work on their business - that they're too busy 'doing the business'.  Well the holiday period is the perfect opportunity for you to step back from the detail, review where you're headed, why you care and your plan to get there.

To help you work through our 6 step mid-year review guide, Rising Tide Ventures is hosting a podcast series to guide you through the process and put the wind in your sails in 2015.

  • Review the 6 drivers of growth in your business

  • Learn the key questions that shine a light on your performance, your weaknesses and opportunities

  • Refine and amplify your marketing and sales campaigns for 2015


The podcast series is free to join.  Just register below.

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About the presenters:

Host:  Matthew Dunstan | Rising Tide Ventures | Corporate navigator, strategist and entrepreneur.

Special Guests:

  • Kristian Mahoney | The Retail Guy | Creating customer focused businesses.
  • Karl Schwantes | Xennox Diamonds | Designer of innovation & insight.


What is a Mid-year review?

  • A common planning and review process undertaken by large organisations - we've tailored it to suit small business and entrepreneurs.

why should I do it?

  • You've all heard the saying "work on your business, not in your business".  Well, a mid-year review is your chance to step back, see how things are going so far and make some corrections to the plan for the rest of the year.

where can I get the MYR guide?

  • You can download our MYR guide here for free.

do I need the podcast?

  • No.  If you prefer to do these things on your own, that's fine.  Our belief though is that there's power in teamwork, collaboration and accountability.  If we're about to release the next episode in the podcast, then you're probably going to make sure you've done last week's homework first.

Is there a cost?

  • No, it's completely free and without obligation.  We'll invite you to join our community of entrepreneurs, but that's free and optional too.  If you don't, no harm.  You can listen to the podcasts and then be on your way.

What to expect:

  • A lot of fun!  Each week we'll release a new episode will be hosted by long term entrepreneur, mentor and navigator for business,  Matthew Dunstan.  Together with special guests, they'll discuss one focus area of the MYR guide and give tips to listeners.  They'll also be available for online Q&A.

What People Say:

Matthew brought exceptional clarity and insight to my channel marketing strategy. He helped me identify key messages and develop a suite of tailored services to quickly generate revenue and expand my client base. I greatly value Matt's ability to provide focused and practical advice that solves problems.
Wendy Pavey | Compelling Strategy