vMarketing Director - 3 month program

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vMarketing Director - 3 month program


Add a new level of marketing expertise to the team.

Matthew is a 25 year marketing veteran.  He has worked as an international marketing leader at Microsoft and been an award winning lecturer for leading Australian MBA programs.  Matthew brings this experience to bear in helping organisations develop and implement a marketing strategy which drives results: pipeline, revenue and return on investment.

This program will help you:

  1. Define your competitive advantage
  2. Segment your target market, define their true needs and create a compelling value proposition
  3. Map the competitive landscape, select a niche you can own and develop your positioning
  4. Design an end to end marketing campaign which drives reputation, engagement and preference
  5. Establish a marketing implementation program including key tactics, timeframe and metric

This program is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who need to create a demand generation system to grow their business
  • Mid-level Marketing Managers looking to take their career to the next level and have strategic input to their organisation
  • SMEs with an established business model but who lack a marketing capability in the management team

How it works:

  • Month 1: 4 x 90min workshops to define and flesh out your marketing strategy using our "Strategies for Growth" methodology
  • Month 2&3: 8 x fortnightly 1/2 hour marketing coaching meetings to guide the implementation of the plan and get the pipeline flowing.

You also receive:

  • Access to our personal stable of designers, developers, copywriters and publicists so that the plan is implemented to the highest standard possible.
  • A custom designed marketing dashboard to help you track ROI and guide your marketing investments.

What people say:

"I love the clarity and direction Matt gives me with my business issues. He has a gift for innovation and ideas.  - Paul Jones: Magneto Communications




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