vGeneral Manager & Chairman - 6 month program

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vGeneral Manager & Chairman - 6 month program


Add a global level of strategic advice and experience to the management team.

Matthew has been an award winning, global business leader with a proven record of growth, innovation and organisational transformation.  He has been a world wide leader at Microsoft where he was responsible for international profit centres worth over $300m and led broad organisational change across multi-cultural and cross disciplinary teams.  He is a gifted strategist and innovator, an inspiring leader and a builder of organisational capability.  Drawing on this pedigree of growth, transformation and success, Matthew works with business leaders, management teams and entrepreneurs to guide the growth and development of the organisation.

This program will help you:

  1. lift the organisation's capabilities and practices to an international level
  2. introduce world wide best practices to the management team
  3. implement a program of transformation and growth

This program is for:

  • Aspiring business leaders and management teams looking to evolve their business to the next level
  • Founding entrepreneurs who need to add a strategic management capability to the team
  • High performing management teams who need the guidance, accountability and advice of a Chairman.

How it works:

  • Month 1: 2 hour Kick off workshop, reviewing key business metrics and plans and establishing implementation milestones for the business
  • Month 2-6: Chairmanship of monthly management meetings, reviewing progress against plans and the scorecard, roadblocks and opportunities in the business
  • Bimonthly: 3 x 60min 1:1 executive coaching sessions to take your skills as a business leader to a new level.

You also receive:

  • Strategic advice and input as required
  • Access to Matthew's network of potential clients and partners
  • Senior level support for strategic client meetings & opportunities

What others say:

"Matthew is a rare commodity who can both lead and manage. He couples incisive intellect with heartfelt character and connection to people.

He was one of the UK's top marketing leaders. He orchestrated a dramatic turnaround in performance when he took the reigns of the business. His skills in leading teams not only led to top results like these, but also to being one of the most highly rated managers in the UK. His renown in working with people led to him being asked to lead an initiative in the marketing division to raise the employee satisfaction scores which resulted in the division going from worst to first in a single year.

Matthew is a humble star, a true class act."
  Bruce Lynn, Director. Microsoft.

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