Mentoring | Collaboration | Accountability

Slipstream is a group mentoring and collaboration program for people who:

  1. have aspirations to grow their business,
  2. like the collaboration that comes from working with a group and
  3. want the expertise and accountability that comes from working with a mentor


Success through teamwork

We form small cohorts of 6-8 people and take them through a 6 month business accelerator program which is delivered through:

  • Monthly growth workshops. 

  • Weekly momentum & accountability calls

  • Day to day collaboration & support via a closed Facebook group for the cohort.


Find out more

Sound like this might be a good fit for you and your business?   Download the program outline  to read more about our business accelerator methodology and the unique way we grow our client's business.

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Karen Singery: Pathways Unlimited
I love the encouragement and feedback that is shared amongst the group. The learnings have been great, especially about marketing and all that technology stuff.
Matthew as a facilitator is great. His insights and knowledge on running a business is very helpful. He has a huge heart and continually gives of his time and knowledge.
Paul Jones: Magneto Communications
I love the clarity and direction Matt gives me with my business issues. He has a gift for innovation and ideas.
Helga Dalla: Twin Photojournalist
’Matt has a talent for seeing through to the core of the issue. He inspires everyone around him to aim higher and dream bigger