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Radio National Interview 12 June 2015

Geraldine Doogue

Working from home and missing the water cooler? You may not be alone. Advocates of co-working tell Saturday Extra there are advantages for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses who decide to leave home and work alongside others.

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Matthew has been a lecturer at the Australian Graduate School of Management and senior leader in marketing, innovation and business management for Microsoft.  He is able to speak on topics such as:

  • Marketing, business strategy & growth
  • Difficulties facing start-ups and small business
  • Corporate culture and change management
  • Innovation and Information Technology
  • Flexible work styles, coworking and remote teams.


Matthew is a 20 year veteran of marketing and product innovation, having worked for well-known organisations such as the Australian Graduate School of Management and Microsoft where he was a senior leader for almost 10 years.

An author and professional trusted advisor, Matthew helps leaders and entrepreneurs develop strategies for growth.  Being an avid sailor, you could call him a "navigator for aspiring businesses".

Matthew is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed and provides solutions which help people with the challenges of starting and growing a business.  He has recently written the book “The Coworking Revolution: 4 Secrets to successfully working for yourself”.


Combining incisive intellect with heartfelt character, Matthew is a rare commodity who can both lead and manage. He has orchestrated dramatic turnarounds in performance and been one of the most highly rated managers in the UK.
— Bruce Lynn: General Manager, Red Bee Media

The Coworking Revolution

4 Secrets to Successfully Working for Yourself

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