The Coworking Revolution

Extra Resources for our Readers

Rise of the Co worker

Talking Coworking and the challenges of self-employment with Radio National's Geraldine Doogue.

(for the record, the term "solopreneur" was first coined by others.)


The Glamourous Life of the Latte-preneur

Is working for yourself, right for you? 

Self employment can be tougher on some people than on others and the things that determine this are a blend of who you are, what's going on for you right now and then a whole load of situation factors.  To assess whether working for yourself is right for you (right now), try this self-assessment quiz.

Is your business aligned with your purpose? 

Watch Simon Senick’s video on understanding your “Why”

Spending Time with the Right People

Getting out of the home office and in front others is vital to getting  your business off the ground, but when you meet them, are you saying the right things?  Here are our favourite resources on getting your elevator pitch right.

Plugging Back into a Team: Synergy for the Soloist

Building out a Team

Here are a couple of my favourite tools for understanding my strengths, my blind spots and where I should look for other people to complement my skills:

Belbin Team Styles:  A short but powerful profile of the roles you naturally play and where others can help.  A great resource when building out your team.

Teaming Agreement

When it comes to working in a more structured format with your coworkers, you should always have an agreement in place - nothing says "I love you" like a contract!  Here's a boilerplate template to get you started.