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Board Services for Small-medium organisations


Our Board Services for SMEs help owners establish an independent Board, right-sized for their organisation.

Each Board consists of 2 independent Directors, working closely with the owners on strategy, operations and performance of the business.

How it Works

  • Board meeting every 8 weeks with 2 independent Directors

  • Guided by 2 strategy workshops per year to set the priorities for the business

  • Additional support of 1/2 day per month from each Director to help the CEO scale


More than advice: It’s not enough to come up with good ideas. Board members roll up their sleeves to actually do some of the work, create connections, grow the business and help the CEO scale.

In some cases, Directors are able to provide services which would have previously been outsourced to external advisors.

Right Sized for the Business: It’s important not to put so much process in place that you suffocate the business or distract the CEO from their day job. 

This Board process is right sized for SMEs, focusing on the key issues and opportunities that drive value creation.

Accelerated access to a Board: Many owners would like to work with a Board but feel they are not big enough.  This service has been right-sized to accelerate an SME’s access to the benefits of a Board.

3 heads are better than 1: Better than a single trusted adviser, the Board has 2 independent and experienced Directors with who you can discuss, debate and guide the growth of your business.

Skin in the game: More than ‘well meaning opinions’, Board members are invested in the success of the business. As the group transitions from an Advisory Board to a formal Board, Directors carry specific responsibilities and liabilities under law.