The Art of Good Strategy

There’s a lot written on the topic of strategy but for most people, it’s not particularly relevant or actionable. 

At a recent “Business Clinic over Coffee”, we discussed this topic with a number of professionals and entrepreneurs, sharing the simple framework & guidelines we use when crafting a business strategy.

Key Message:

It all starts by knowing your strategic asset. 
It’s the difference between being strategic and opportunistic.

In this mind map we share:

  • Defining your strategic asset
  • Finding the strategic fulcrum
  • Knowing when you need to change course


Download our mind map on the Art of Good Strategy for free.

Art of Good Strategy

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Our Services

If you’re finding it hard to plot a course which takes your business forward, it’s time to revisit your business plan and strategy.

At Rising Tide Ventures we assist business owners & entrepreneurs with defining a creative, robust and elegant strategy for your business.  One that’s simple to understand, simple to execute and sets your business up for growth.

3 ways we can help

  1. ½ day strategy assessment.  Is the current strategy working?  Is it sufficient? Where are the gaps?
  2. Facilitation:  We plan & facilitate planning meetings, reviews & off-sites  
  3. Bespoke strategy consulting.  For when you need a little help with the creative stuff.

If you’d like to know more about these services and how we’ve helped other organisations set a course for growth, contact us by email or phone +617 3014 1301.