A rising tide floats all boats...

In 2010, Matthew Dunstan turned away from a successful career at Microsoft to pursue his dream of sailing the world with his family. Returning to Australia, he’s now a social entrepreneur focused on developing businesses that matter.

Matthew has lectured in marketing, IT and process improvement for the Australian Graduate School of Management; is a specialist in strategy, differentiation and leadership and is a mentor to entrepreneurs and professionals around the world.

Today, through his company Rising Tide Ventures, he helps business owners pursue their own dreams and has recently launched a group mentoring program called Slipstream which blends entrepreneurship, mentoring and group collaboration for solo-preneurs. He is also the author of the upcoming book “Work for yourself, not by yourself” which will be published late 2014.

My Mission

To create, lead and inspire others to launch and build businesses that matter.  Those that serve the community, put others first and deliver genuine social outcomes.

About Us

Combining incisive intellect with heartfelt character, Matthew is a rare commodity who can both lead and manage. He has orchestrated dramatic turnarounds in performance and been one of the most highly rated managers in the UK.
— Bruce Lynn: General Manager, Red Bee Media

What We've Achieved

  • Bayside Swim School: a group of swimming schools based on a community led business model and which focuses on giving kids confidence, self esteem & skills in the pool.
  • Uncharted Sailing: for people who dream of sailing to distant shores and specialising in sailing as a mechanism for family teamwork, respect and cohesion
  • 2nd Base: An affordable co-working solution where home-entrepreneurs can connect, learn and work together.
  • Slipstream:  A group mentoring program and collaboration program for start-ups and aspiring small business.