A rising tide floats all boats...

What we do:
Provide professional advisory board and consulting services, specialising in strategic planning with an emphasis on experience design, technology and marketing. 

Who we help:
We serve a diverse client base but our passion is for privately held organisations who are looking to make the transition from a founder or family managed business to a mature, stable and independent organisation.

The value we create:
We deliver growth for shareholders but for us, it has to be about more than the money. We partner with our clients to create broader value in the community and economy at large, using entrepreneurship as a lever for social development.

How we do this:
We help organisations grow, develop, become more competitive and customer centric.  We help our clients:

  • clarify the values, purpose and long term goals of the organisation

  • develop a vision for the future and a strategy to get there

  • define & plan the organisational change required to retool the business

  • implement the management and governance practices required to scale

  • develop the executive team along side the business through coaching and education

  • provide specialist consulting & contracting services to help you resource and fast track the key strategies

What makes us different:
There are a lot of consultants and strategists out there.  What makes us different is how we do it.  We develop the team in parallel to the organisation, working with owners and managers on leadership and other skills required to take their organisation forward.

Partnering with our clients, we bring a unique blend of governance expertise, strategy consulting, tech innovation, strategic marketing and experience design.  This blend of skills & experience allows us to craft strategy from the outside in, anchored firmly in the experience of the customer.  We use this frame of reference to define and optimise how the organisation creates and delivers value, both now and into the future.

About the Founder

Combining incisive intellect with heartfelt character, Matthew is a rare commodity who can both lead and manage. He has orchestrated dramatic turnarounds in performance and been one of the most highly rated managers in the UK.
— Bruce Lynn: Director, Microsoft UK
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In 2010, Matthew Dunstan turned away from a successful career at Microsoft to pursue his dream of sailing the world with his family. Returning to Australia, he’s now an entrepreneur and trusted professional advisor helping aspiring business leaders navigate a course to growth.

Matthew has lectured in marketing, IT and process improvement for the Australian Graduate School of Management; is a specialist in strategy, innovation and leadership and is an advisor to entrepreneurs and professionals around the world.

An explorer and adventurer, father and husband, teacher and perpetual student; Matthew doesn't believe in following convention. Instead he pursues life with passion, balance and a keen belief in creating value in the world through others.

I believe...

  • In education: Learning, teaching, growing, broadening our perspectives. These things allow us to set our sights higher.

  • In growth: without it, we stagnate - never move from where we are (and that's a waste of a life).

  • In creating value first: Sure there needs to be a focus on profits and income, but I believe that they are a natural result of the value we create. They shouldn't be what we lead with.

  • Relationships, connections and community. I'm not sure why we're on this earth but I'm pretty sure it's not about profit.

  • Everyone is capable of achieving their measure of success - and this is more than they realise.