Removing the Barriers to Growth

A webinar for business leaders : 12pm 2 June 2015

We all share the same imperative - to grow the business.  Achieving this however is easier said than done.  Instead, many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle to identify where they should focus their efforts to drive maximum ROI.

In this webinar, we'll take you through the Strategies for Growth model which will help you:

  • Identify which of the 9 growth strategies is right for your stage of business

  • Align the marketing fundamentals to create a compelling proposition

  • Structure a marketing program which is simple, focused and drives demand.

This webinar will help you identify the barriers to growth in your business and give you the clarity, direction and focus to overcome them.

about your presenter:

Matthew Dunstan | Rising Tide Ventures | Strategist and navigator for aspiring businesses.

Matthew is a 20 year veteran of marketing and product innovation, having worked for well-known organisations such as the Australian Graduate School of Management and Microsoft where he was a senior leader for almost 10 years.

An author and professional trusted advisor, Matthew helps leaders and entrepreneurs develop strategies for growth.  Being an avid sailor, you could call him a navigator for aspiring businesses.

Matthew is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed and provides solutions which help people with the challenges of starting and growing a business.


Who should attend?

  • This webinar is designed for anyone with the responsibility for growing their business.  The content will apply to business owners & leaders, entrepreneurs and marketing managers.

What's the webinar about?

  • The goal of the webinar is to help you identify the roadblocks to growth in your business.  It will look at your growth strategy, your value proposition and your marketing and demand generation model. 
  • At the end of the webinar you should be able to identify the areas that need to be refined in order to drive growth in your business.

Is there a cost?

  • No, the webinar is free to attend.

Can I invite colleagues?

  • Yes, you're welcome to invite anyone you think would be interested.  Please ask them to register directly by forwarding the link to this page.

how long is the webinar?

  • We'll aim to be finished within 20min (webinars are painful if they're any longer!).